Automate email assignment and respond faster to your customers

With automatic Round Robin email assignment, reduce time spent on manually assigning emails to teammates and engage faster with customers.

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Improve productivity with automatic assignment

Manually assigning every customer email to your team members is inefficient. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can automate the process with Round Robin Assignment in Hiver.

Never miss an email again

Mistakes happen. No matter how careful we are, there’s always a chance that we might miss out on responding to a customer email. With Round Robin Assignment, you can ensure all emails automatically get assigned to owners as tasks. This way you’ll never miss an email again.

Allow your team to control their availability

Give your team the flexibility to control their availability so that they can control when they are available for email assignment. With Round Robin Assignment, Hiver admins also get the capability to permanently exclude certain team members from the Round Robin queue.

More Hiver features you’ll love

With Round Robin Assignments, we route emails to team members based on the sender. It helps us significantly cut down on manual work.

Johanny Rodriguez

Associate Director of Account Managers, Bergen Logistics