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Use automation
for a superior
customer experience

Create smart rules to automate your customer service workflows so that your team can stay focused on doing what they do best — delighting your customers.

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Boost your customer service team’s productivity

Customer service teams are often faced with repetitive tasks such as — assigning emails to team members or adding labels to emails, all of which can be easily automated. Hiver’s automations ensure that mundane tasks happen like clockwork behind the scenes.

Faster email responses with
automatic, conditional assignments

With Hiver, you can specify conditions based on which emails can be assigned to a specific customer service team member. For example, if an email contains the word ‘Payment’ in its subject line or even the email body, you can have the email assigned to a finance representative.

Reduce inbox clutter by closing
emails that do not need attention

Customer service inboxes often get clogged with irrelevant emails. With Hiver, you can automatically change the status of emails to ‘Closed’ if they meet certain conditions. As an example, you can automatically mark all auto-generated emails closed.

Manage team efficiently with
round-robin assignment

With Hiver, you can enable round-robin email assignment for all active team members. This will ensure that all emails have dedicated owners and the workload is equally distributed. Your teammates can also control their availability with the help of simple toggle controls.

Automatically categorize
emails by adding Tags

Tags help you organize emails in your shared inboxes by categories. With Hiver, you can automate the process of adding tags to emails based on certain conditions. For example, every email from ‘david@abc.com’ can be tagged with 'Priority'. This way your customer service team will easily be able to identify emails that need their attention.

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Automations in Hiver helped free up an employee’s entire workday and actually got them to focus on more important tasks. With Hiver, I was effectively able to get back an employee into my team.

Christina O'Connor

Manager, Finance at Arrive Logistics