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Collaborate on team inboxes like [email protected] or [email protected] — right from Gmail. Create ownership for emails, collaborate faster, and keep your team productive with performance data.

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Reimagine team inboxes

It’s time to break out of the unfamiliar Google Collaborative Inbox. With Hiver, you can access, assign, and track group emails — from the comfort of Gmail.

Work better together

Hiver adds a layer of functionality on top of Gmail – making it easier for your
teams to collaborate on group emails.

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Why modern teams choose Hiver

Incredibly easy to use

Manage team inboxes right from Gmail. No training to get started — no learning brand-new terminologies. Using Hiver is a breeze for anyone comfortable with Gmail. Teams that use Hiver focus solely on keeping customers happy, instead of negotiating through a complicated interface.

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it integrated nicely with Gmail. Other solutions required yet another system to log into, plus a complete mind shift in the way the team approached and used email.

Virginia Trowbridge

Pulse Manager, Reali

We’re now responsible for a lot more than we thought we could. I have great visibility into my team’s workflow. It helps us ensure that the operational tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. Hiver helps my team grow faster.

David Pinto

Business Development at

No more missed emails

With Hiver, building ownership for emails is easy. You can assign every email to a team member without Cc’s or forwards. Your team always knows what they have to work on. This way, you’ll address every email — and nothing falls through the cracks.

In-depth performance reporting

Deep-dive into your team’s performance metrics and customer satisfaction ratings — without leaving Gmail. You can effortlessly track every aspect of individual performance, including overall workload, response and resolution times, among others.

Hiver checked all of the right boxes, but what really helped us become successful with Hiver was the ability to measure analytics right out-of-the-box.

Christina O' Connor

Finance Manager at Arrive Logistics

How teams across industries work better with Hiver

They send super-prompt responses

With Hiver, the customer service team at Vacasa has complete
visibility into who’s working on an email, and where it is on the resolution path.

Improved email
response time by

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They resolve emails surprisingly fast

Flexport went from sharing email subject lines in order to collaborate — to saving around 400 hours with simpler workflows — and resolving emails twice as fast.

Resolves emails

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Their team’s efficiency keeps soaring

New Hope Fertility Center broke out of the unfamiliar Google Groups interface. With Hiver, their team manages emails from the comfort of Gmail, and works 2X faster.

Improved team
efficiency by

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