Prevent duplicate replies with Collision Alerts

Prevent duplicate replies to emails and provide focused and efficient customer service.

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Ensure multiple users don’t work on the same emails

Collision usually occurs when two or more users are working on the same email in a shared inbox. Collision alerts in Hiver prevent users from replying to the same email (and potentially sending conflicting replies).

Never step on someone else’s
toes again

In customer service, replying to customers in a timely manner is critical. This can sometimes lead to some team members jumping the gun and replying to emails without knowing that a teammate is already on it. Collision alerts disable the option to edit a draft when another user is already working on it.

Get real time visual alerts

With Hiver’s Collision Alerts, you get instantaneous visual cues that help you detect email collisions. When a user starts replying to an email that you are working on, Hiver shows you a floating notification with the name of the other user who is currently working on the email draft.

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Collision Alerts notifies us in real-time if two people accidentally end up working on the same email. It keeps us on the same page - and helps prevent duplicate replies to emails.

Johanny Rodriguez

Associate Director of Account Managers, Bergen Logistics