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With Customer Surveys, collecting and measuring customer feedback has never been easier.

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Get immediate feedback from customers

Collecting accurate customer feedback is a crucial attribute of providing good customer service. With quantifiable data, you’ll know how well your team is performing and where there is room for improvement. Customer Surveys are a great way to gather customer feedback and measure satisfaction levels.

Delightfully simple, yet effective Customer Surveys

Customers are most likely to give accurate feedback and satisfaction ratings when it is collected proactively and immediately. With Hiver, you can instantly capture customer feedback with our simple customer surveys which can be inserted at the end of an email at the click of a button.

Have complete control over when
to send surveys

Hiver gives you complete control over which emails should contain surveys and which ones shouldn’t. Hiver admins can choose to enable surveys for all emails or give team members the ability to add surveys to email conversations at their discretion.

Maximize impact with custom feedback forms

Personalize your survey questions for added context. Easily create custom feedback forms for your customers to share their feedback.

Measure customer feedback
in real time

With Hiver’s Customer Satisfaction Reports, see all of the feedback in your customers’ own words — in real-time. These visual reports allow you to track and compare individual team member’s performance to see who is working well, who isn’t working well, and train your customer service team accordingly.

More Hiver features you’ll love

Hiver is a very friendly tool. As it sits inside Gmail, it doesn't give you an alien feel. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple.

Christian Sibayan

Manager - Field Operations and Systems at Oxford Business Group