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"We didn't want our team to spend time on training. It was really cool that we found Hiver. I am so excited that it works right from Gmail."
Dakotah Shore, IT Manager at WS Display
G2 Leader

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Flexport handles emails in
Less time with Hiver

Flexport is a freight forwarding and customs brokerage company based in San Francisco, California. They are on a mission to foster free trade across the world through technology.

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Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it integrated nicely with Gmail. With Hiver, we were able to sign up and get going in no time.

Virginia Trowbridge Pulse Manager at Reali
Hiver text quotes
Hiver text quotes

I'd say Hiver is a Type A personality — someone who's very organized and has the ability to keep things structured and get things done on time.

Tai Roach Support Manager at Air Comm
Hiver text quotes
Hiver text quotes

Hiver is a very friendly tool. As it sits inside Gmail, it doesn't give you an alien feel. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple.

Christian Sibayan Manager - Field Operations and Systems at Oxford Business Group
Hiver text quotes
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Boise State University

The team at Boise State University would frequently miss emails because of Gmail's unintuitive delegated access. Read how they flipped this around with shared inboxes from Hiver.

Real estate


Shared logins are an all too common problem that gets compounded as a team grows. See how the team from Reali nurtures customer relationships with better email management using Hiver.



The team from Travelist was on the lookout for a Zendesk alternative. They were pleasantly surprised with Hiver and how it could help them hit the ground running from day one.


Bergen Logistics

With Hiver, Bergen Logistics was able to bring more clarity into the way their teams worked and accelerate first response time – something which was challenging with Google Groups.



Using Hiver, the DecksDirect team was able to turn their [email protected] email account into a shared inbox, right inside Gmail. This meant that they were able to process emails 60% faster.


Arrive Logistics

Read how the Arrive Logistics team moved from manually assigning emails to leveraging automations in Hiver and reduced their first response time by 40%.

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