Leave no email unattended

Delegate emails to your team with a single click, track them effortlessly, and engage better with your customers.

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Email delegation, minus the inbox clutter

With Hiver, you can make email delegation a ridiculously simple process. Bid goodbye to Cc/Forwards, convert emails into actionable tasks and assign them to your team members with just two clicks.

Help your team stay focused

Email Delegation ensures that every email has a dedicated owner. Assignees receive real time notifications. You’ll always have complete visibility into who is working on what, which emails have been assigned, and which ones haven’t. There’s no way you’ll miss an email ever again.

Track emails effortlessly

Every email has a status: Open, Pending, or Closed. You will never have to ask around or ping someone to know the status of emails. The statuses are visible to everyone on the team and help people stay on the same page.

Respond faster with automatic
email delegation

With Hiver, you can specify conditions based on which emails can be automatically assigned to a specific customer service team member. For example, if an email contains the word 'Payment' in its subject line, you can have the email assigned to a finance representative.

More Hiver features you’ll love

We wanted a solution that would ensure that all the incoming emails were assigned to the right person in the right team. We looked at many solutions but none of them were functional or robust enough. Hiver just fits the bill.

Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP at Boise State University