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Seamless team collaboration, minus the inbox clutter

With Email Notes, you can now collaborate with your team and resolve customer queries faster without the hassle of Cc/Forwards and external collaboration tools.

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Instant collaboration right inside Gmail

Customer service teams often need inputs from other teams to resolve queries. The constant back and forth, and continuously switching between email and chat tools can lead to slow response times. Notes give you the power to quickly collaborate with your team without leaving Gmail.

Collaborate with context

Because Hiver’s Notes are present alongside emails, you’ll never have to spend time building context. As an added advantage, these Notes are always private, so you don’t have to worry about internal emails accidentally reaching customers.

Instantly notify teammates

Use @mentions in Hiver’s Email Notes to instantly notify teammates when you need their help. Want to highlight an issue to the entire team? Simply write a Note mentioning @all.

Find Notes in no time

Hiver’s Email Notes have been made searchable right from the Gmail search bar. So the next time you need to reference a past discussion with your team, all you need to do is simply type in a few keywords into the Gmail search bar and you’re good-to-go.

Put a pin on it

Pinned Notes in Hiver allow you to keep the most important notes in a conversation at the top of their timeline. Just click on the Pin icon next to an Email Note in Hiver and put an end to endless scrolling and confusing note management.

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We use ‘Notes’ all day long to keep each other informed. When someone tags me on an email, I can see and quickly address it without cluttering my inbox.

Matt Smith

the Associate Director of OSP, Boise State University