Turn frequently sent replies into templates and improve turnaround time

With Hiver, you’ll never have to write the same emails again. Turn your most frequently used emails into templates and share them with your team.

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Save time and respond faster with email templates

Craft the perfect email response and save it as a template with just a few clicks. Organize them into folders and share them with your team. With one-click to insert, these templates will save your team hours of repetitive work and help them respond faster to customers.

Create email templates with ease

Hiver’s email templates are fully integrated within Gmail. Simply use our WYSIWYG editor to create and save email templates and add them to folders. Your library of saved templates is available with a single click from within the “Compose” window in Gmail.

Personalize on-the-fly

Use Hiver’s auto-fill variables to effortlessly personalize the templates. These auto-fill variables automatically pick up data from Gmail’s ‘To’ and ‘From’ address fields while composing or replying to emails. These variables also come with fallback options in case no data is available.

Add more context with images

Make your emails easier to read and understand by embedding relevant images and screenshots - without writing a single line of code into your email templates.

More Hiver features you’ll love

Hiver’s email templates are really wonderful. We use them in our fulfillment process which saves us time, and reduces the likelihood of error.

Joshua Fialkoff

COO at Specialty Box & Packaging Co.