"It’s easier to make a mistake when your helpdesk is complicated"

Hiver keeps things simple by bringing all the features of a traditional helpdesk solution right inside Gmail.

James McNeil

President, Daybreak Metro

We tried Zendesk, Salesforce, and pretty much everything that’s out there. They were all unfamiliar and complicated. Going through the training and understanding how the system works was exhausting. Emails would sometimes disappear because we didn't understand the complexities of the system. It’s easier to make a mistake when the helpdesk is complicated. We arrived at Hiver and felt like this is exactly what we were looking for all these years.

Everything you need
in a helpdesk, now in Gmail

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Searching for older emails is an inescapable part of customer service. Hiver’s search works on top of Gmail’s - thereby offering the most accurate search experience. You can search for any email easily using Gmail operators like, ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Subject’, ‘Attachment’, among others.

Hiver’s global search capability is uniquely amazing. A lot of other customer service solutions completely failed at the ability to search. Their search was so bad that you had to be a junior developer to be able to find an email, especially across mailboxes. Whereas, with Hiver, almost 100% of the time, I can easily find an email.

James McNeil

President & CEO at Daybreak Metro

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it integrated nicely with Gmail. Other solutions required yet another system to log into, plus a complete mindshift in the way the team approached and used email.

Virginia Trowbridge

Pulse Manager, Reali

Ridiculously easy
to use

Say goodbye to painful training guides, onboarding, long transition time and the cognitive load of using a complex system for simple tasks. With Hiver, get everything you need from a helpdesk while living from the familiar and simple Gmail interface.

Have real human conversations
with customers

Hiver helps teams build a personal rapport with customers by allowing direct interaction. No impersonal ticket numbers, no weirdly formatted emails, no annoying auto-responders. Just real human-to-human conversations.

I thought about Zendesk but decided against it. I’ve interacted with the support teams of companies that use Zendesk and the emails they send don’t have a pleasant look. Also, I’d get a confirmation email every time I raised a request and every time a request was resolved. Too many unnecessary emails!

Bartek Marczak

Operations Associate, BNI Alberta

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