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Hiver helps you manage Google Groups like [email protected] and [email protected] from the comfort of Gmail. You can now create ownership for every email, collaborate internally without sending more emails, and keep teams productive with analytics.


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Managing Google Groups doesn’t get easier than this

Say goodbye to the unfamiliar Google Groups interface. With Hiver, you can access, assign, and track emails — right from your work inbox.

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Hiver is the #1 choice for teams that are looking to manage Google Groups emails better.

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We tried Google Groups and it did not work very well. We didn't want our team to spend time on training. It was really
cool that we found Hiver. I am so excited that it works right from Gmail.

Dakotah Shore IT Manager, WS Display
Hiver text quotes
Hiver text quotes

Prior to Hiver, we used Google Groups and we’d have to constantly tell each other “hey, I start working here, and you take it from there.” Hiver ensures emails arrive at one place and are clearly assigned to people — we have cut down on the confusion that way.

Nina Rodriguez Decksdirect
Hiver text quotes  hiver customer appsflyer
Hiver text quotes

We used Google Groups but ran into problems quickly. Building accountability for emails was difficult. Our email replies were slowing down. That changed with Hiver. We now resolve customer emails 80% faster than before.

Sonia Cruz Owner Care Manager for South America, Vacasa
Hiver text quotes  hiver customer appsflyer
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So, here’s how teams across industries work better with Hiver

They send super-prompt responses

With Hiver, the customer service team at Vacasa has complete visibility into who’s working on an email, and where it is on the resolution path.

Improved email
response time by

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They resolve emails surprisingly fast

Flexport went from sharing email subject lines in order to collaborate — to saving around 400 hours with simpler workflows — and resolving emails twice as fast.

Resolves emails

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Their team’s efficiency keeps soaring

New Hope Fertility Center broke out of the unfamiliar Google Groups interface. With Hiver, their team manages emails from the comfort of Gmail, and works 2X faster.

Improved team
efficiency by

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