Write better emails, together

Easily share and discuss email drafts in real time with your team, without the hassles of multiple replies and forwards.

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Rope in your teammates to create perfect replies

With shared drafts in Hiver, you can easily manage discussions around emails in real time without multiple replies and forwards or external collaboration tools.

Draft emails together
with a single click

Invite teammates to create email drafts together with just a single click. Simply start composing an email draft in Gmail and hit the Share Draft button. It is as easy as that.

Cut out the chaos
from collaboration

Hiver does not allow more than one user to edit a shared draft at any given point in time, preventing the chaos caused by multiple users editing an email. Users also see notifications when another user is editing a shared draft.

More Hiver features you’ll love

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it integrated nicely with Gmail. Other solutions we tried required yet another system to log into, plus a complete mind shift in the way the team approached and used email.

Virginia Trowbridge

Pulse Manager at Reali