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Manage shared inboxes like [email protected] and [email protected] from Gmail. You can now create ownership for every email, collaborate faster internally, and keep teams productive with performance data.

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Manage shared inboxes across the
organization with incredible ease

Never let an email slip through the cracks

With Hiver, every incoming email is accounted for. Assign incoming emails to team members in just two clicks from Gmail. Tracking the owner and status of emails is effortless as well. There is no way you’ll drop the ball on an email.

We wanted a solution that would ensure that all the incoming emails were assigned to the right person in the right team. We looked at many solutions but none of them were functional or robust enough. Hiver just fits the bill.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Associate Director of OSP, Boise State University

By far, the ability to tag someone and add a note to an email are our favorite features. They easily bring someone’s attention to an issue and allow coordination without confusing email threads.

Nathan Strang

Nathan Strang

Ocean Freight Operations Manager, Flexport

Resolve emails faster with better team collaboration

Help team members collaborate on email replies in real-time with Shared Drafts. Prevent duplicate responses with Collision Alerts. Hiver’s Notes helps your teams have contextual internal discussions, without internal Cc’s or Reply-all’s.

Boost team performance and email responsiveness

Create SLA rules to ensure your team never drops the ball on an email. With Analytics, you get deep insights into how your team is doing on responding to and resolving your customer and sales queries. Find out who’s doing it well, and who needs coaching to do better.

Hiver gives me high visibility into the team and how they’re doing. It makes it extremely easy to see the response to emails, and the first time to respond.

Johanny Rodriguez

Johanny Rodriguez

Associate Director of Account Managers, Bergen Logistics

Hiver helped free up an employee's entire workday and actually got them to focus on more important tasks. I was effectively able to get back an employee into my team.


Christina O’Connor

Finance Manager, Arrive Logistics

Automate your way to productivity

Automate emails to be assigned based on conditions, or in a round-robin manner. Set up rules to handle emails that don’t need to be worked on, such as acknowledgements. Help your team do more
of what’s important.

Stay productive on-the-go

With the Hiver mobile app, you can now stay connected and productive whether you’re at your desk or on the road. The mobile app gives you all the features you need to access your shared inboxes and collaborate with your team on the go.

Hiver’s email templates are really wonderful. We use them in our fulfillment process, which saves us time and reduces the likelihood of error.

Joshua Fialkoff

Joshua Fialkoff

COO at Specialty Box & Packaging Co.

So, here’s how teams across industries work better with Hiver

They send super-prompt responses

With Hiver, the customer service team at Vacasa has complete visibility into who’s working on an email, and where it is on the resolution

Improved email
response time by

60%Hiver case study logo

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They resolve emails surprisingly fast

Flexport went from sharing email subject lines in order to collaborate — to saving around 400 hours with simpler workflows — and resolving emails twice as fast.

Resolves emails

50%Hiver case study logo


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Their team’s efficiency keeps soaring

New Hope Fertility Center broke out of the unfamiliar Google Groups interface. With Hiver, their team manages emails from the comfort of Gmail, and works 2X faster.

Improved team
efficiency by

50%Hiver case study logo

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Say goodbye to the old way of managing shared inboxes

Is your entire team working from the same inbox? Is building accountability getting difficult? Are you losing visibility into your team’s workflows?

Not with Hiver.

Receive emails in a team inbox list list list list list
Send emails from the shared inbox address list list list list list
Visibility into email ownership list list list list list
Give every email a status list list list list list
Automate email assignment list list list list list
Contextual internal discussions list list list list list
Prevent duplicate replies list list list list list
Track email metrics list list list list list

Features your team
will love

  • Email Delegation

    Delegate emails as tasks to your team, right from Gmail. Track them effortlessly.

  • Shared Drafts

    Collaborate on your email responses in real time by sharing drafts with your teammates.

  • SLA and Business Hours

    Define Business Hours when your team services shared mailboxes, and track SLAs only during that time period.

  • Automations

    Automate mundane and repetitive tasks based on rules.

  • Analytics

    Track all your key email metrics. Identify areas of improvement and fix them.

  • Email Notes

    Communicate with your team seamlessly, minus Cc/Bcc/forwards.

  • Round Robin Assignment

    Automatically assign emails to your team in a Round-Robin manner for faster responses.

  • Collision Alerts

    Get alerted when someone is responding to an email you’re seeing. Avoid duplicate and conflicting responses.

  • Email Tags

    Categorize emails by attaching Tags. Filter emails based on Tags attached to them.

  • Customer Surveys (CSAT)

    Measure customer satisfaction by sending a short survey at the end of emails.

Join the 8000+ teams that are using Hiver to
deliver a great customer experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared inbox? Drop Down

A shared inbox is a centralized inbox that is typically used when multiple users need to access and work on the same set of emails. For example, teams like customer support, or account management would use a shared inbox as people outside the company typically reach out to them with questions.

Shared inboxes usually have a generic email address - such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

When to use a shared inbox?Drop Down

Shared inboxes are typically used in teams where multiple users have a shared responsibility of managing a large volume of emails

A typical example of this would be customer support. Support teams worldwide, irrespective of the size of the company or industry vertical, usually receive a large volume of customer emails. An efficient method to manage these queries would be to use a shared inbox.

How to use a shared inbox?Drop Down

Shared inboxes are generally associated with branded group email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

These addresses typically work as a centralized email inbox. Emails that arrive in this inbox can then be assigned to individual members of a team.

Why use a shared inbox?Drop Down

Shared inboxes help various teams in companies centralize and streamline queries. It opens up opportunities for collaboration and information exchange since everyone has access to the same set of emails. Every member of a team that manages shared inboxes can access the same set of emails.

How to use a shared inbox for customer service?Drop Down

Shared inboxes are great for delivering on-time customer service. The [email protected] email address helps bring all your incoming customer support emails in one place. These emails can then be assigned to specific customer support agents.

Agents who are a part of this support shared mailbox can respond to the customer emails. Depending on where the query lies along its resolution path, agents can add a status such as open/pending/closed to the email.

Can I use Gmail as a shared inbox?Drop Down

Yes. Most companies that use G Suite have Gmail shared inboxes such as [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] for managing queries from customers, vendors, job applicants, or anyone else outside the company.

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