See the emails that matter with Views

Use Views in Hiver to personalize your inbox to see emails that you need to be on top of, minus the painful navigation.

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Email filters - minus the hassles

Save your team from the hassles of setting up Gmail filter combinations to search for specific emails. Views in Hiver are email groups you can create based on a combination of filters. To set up a view, simply choose your filter combination, save the view, and share it with your team.

See your workload at a glance

With Views, you can create groups of emails you regularly take care of - such as all support emails with the tag ‘urgent.’ Selecting this View will help you find these emails in a quick glance, minus all the sorting and sifting.

Access Views in a single click

Use Hiver’s default Views to track your team’s workload or set up custom Views based on your business process and share them with your team for easy access. Mark Views as Favorites to access them with a single click and create Private Views for restricted access.

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I love Hiver’s Views. It helps us quickly oversee what the teams are working on, and drill down to individual tasks as necessary.

Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP at Boise State University